Middle School Librarian Claims Students Are ‘Sex Workers’ To Justify Pro-Prostitution Book

Police in Northern Virginia are investigating after a middle school librarian attempted to justify a pro-prostitution book being available in the school library by asserting that many of the school’s 11 to 13-year-old students are sex workers.

A teacher in Loudoun County was shocked after the librarian, Stefany Guido, allegedly made the comment to her, and decided to go to the police. Reporting on the startling discovery, The Daily Wire withheld the name of the teacher, who felt compelled to contact the police as a “mandatory reporter” because students in her school could be in danger.

The teacher had discovered this information after asking Guido about a book that a parent had expressed concern about in a post on Twitter entitled “Seeing Gender,” which had a chapter called “‘Sex Work’ Is Not a Bad Term.”

“A person may exchange sex or sexual activity for things they need or want, such as food, housing, hormones, drugs, gifts, or other resources,” one disturbing passage in the book reads.

Prostitution is “a job like being a store clerk, an architect, or a freelance writer. We all, unfortunately, have to do work to make a living. Some of us hate our jobs and some of us love them–the same goes for those who do sex work. Sadly, sex work is generally misunderstood,” the book claims.


After seeing the unidentified parent’s tweet about the book, the teacher — who works at Sterling Middle School — went to the school’s library to find out if it was actually available to students.

Guido retrieved the book from the library and defended it, the teacher told police in a recorded conversation which was reviewed by The Daily Wire. During the interview with the police, the teacher recounted her entire discussion with the librarian.

“She started talking about how there’s kids who come to the library who do sex work, and this makes them feel validated. As a teacher, if you get an individual student coming to you because you’re abused, you have to go to the police immediately,” the teacher told the police.

According to the teacher, Guido did not name any specific students, except for one who had passed through the school around six years ago.

The librarian allegedly claimed that she had marked the book as being for eighth graders, meaning 13-year-olds.

“I said, ‘what happens if a sixth grader checks it out?’” the teacher told the police. “She said ‘I have a conversation with them about it.’”

“I said, ‘This is like a textbook for how to do this, including selling your body for hormone replacement therapy,’” the teacher added. “She said, ‘There’s no pornography in it so it doesn’t matter.’”

In the recorded interview with the teacher, Deputy Jamie Holben — who is a former School Resource Officer for the middle school — mentions that Sterling Middle School is located in a rough neighborhood where law enforcement have reason to believe that child trafficking has occurred.