Mike Pence Calls Republicans Who Do Not Want War Putin Apologists

Mike Pence was supposed to be a Christian Conservative Vice President to correct any liberalism in Donald Trump or his team. Instead, he has proven more malleable and moderate than Trump and figures to be in the running for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. He may be among the top five competitors, but he is unlikely to emerge as the nominee.

Last week Pence proved why he is the RINO that many have accused him of being. He called anyone who opposes war with Russia a “Putin apologist.” GOP voters view Trump and DeSantis as the clear frontrunners for 2024. While many hope and wish for the sake of their children that men of integrity would undo the election results, most have accepted that the coup is complete and we are just along for the ride. Therefore, we are encouraged to look forward to the midterms of November 2022 and begin planning for the presidential primaries in 2024.

Ron DeSantis would be an improvement over Mike Pence, but he will need to find a way to press the national party system because he will not get the cover of Donald Trump in 2016. The GOP is filled with RINOs now, to the point that maybe being a suitable Republican means a moderately socialist big government CRT supporter who is effectively pro-choice and takes the neocon line on all questions of warfare. These dunces and numbskulls are Democrat light and seek the approval of the liberal media establishment.

Pence fits the bill as a player. He has proven time and time again that inclusion in the club is more important to him than doing the right thing. If the Republican Party in 2024 nominates a candidate who goes before a gathering of Republican donors and declares that he will only accept people who want to take out Putin in his party, we have a problem.

Accusing conservatives like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham of cozying up to Putin is silly. Not only is Fox News no longer the bastion of conservatism it once was, but many Republicans support Ukraine and oppose Putin without endorsing a Democrat war led by Biden and his clown car of generals in Milley and Austin. Democrats think conservatives can shut up anti-war statements if they brand us as Russian apologists. Their savagely purposeful publicity and liberal media seek to split the nation. The ironic side of this must not be lost. Progressives used to oppose war, yet now draped in blue and yellow Ukrainian flags, they march on the warpath.

But Mike Pence is too stupid to realize that Putin defenders are not in the GOP because he has been told that Democrats are not Xi defenders. The opposite is true. Recommending caution is an appropriate course of action when we have had months to prepare our response.

Pence never vocally supported Donald Trump’s America First policies and he allowed the press to attack the former and removed president. He has routinely walked into these Democrat traps. It is similar to the #NeverTrump fools who were strolling around in the 2016 election and courting Democrat liberal media outlets to spew their hatred of middle Americans.

Fake News controls around 32% of American media consumption. Democratic Party taking points are parroted on CNN, PMSNBC, through the NYT and Washington Post as they have been for decades. Pence rejected the people he would represent as the GOP candidate. The MAGA coalition, run by people like Steve Bannon and others, is not Putin apologists. These red-blooded Americans are calling attention to the fact that Vladimir Putin is taking advantage of Biden’s weakness and pretending that he can conduct an all-out war is a mistake.