Mike Pence World Tour Announces Without Announcing

On Wednesday, Mike Pence was in Israel and toured Hebron while visiting the Tomb of the Patriarchs. The former Vice-President has been keeping a relatively low profile for the first part of this year. Some pundits have surmised that he was trying to wait out the fallout from his actions on Jan. 6 (more on that in a moment). He made a statement criticizing the current administration playing footsie with Iran again on a nuclear non-proliferation deal.

It was a crafty tweet of saying something without saying it. The whole next President will be a Republican and lo and behold and Mike Pence is a Republican. Now one trip to Israel and innuendo in a tweet do not help a presidential campaign make, but within a few hours of his trip to Israel, you could find the former VP at the Ukraine border.

Mike Pence is going to run for President in 2024. It is a done deal. Putting himself in the middle of the action like this means he is on a rehabilitation campaign for his image. He has some work to do in that area. It is hard to see his path to the nomination, given that the establishment is not super happy with him being part of the Trump administration. The Trump people aren’t super satisfied with him given his actions, basically rejecting Trump’s position in the election. Who exactly is going to support him? Evangelicals? A large part of the religious right is as pro-Trump as you can get.

The former Vice President must know that he gets crushed by Trump and DeSantis. He declined an invitation to talk at CPAC (more likely, he was allowed to decline to save face and was not going to get an invite). Recent polling only shows Pence getting 11 percent support for a Presidential run. Perhaps Pence is under the impression that if Joe Biden can reach 80 million-plus votes, anybody can get elected President.

The problem for Pence is that he will not have the Democratic “get out the vote” machine on his side. It looks like the former VP will be just that, a former politician.