Mission Accomplished: Deep State Successfully Cover Up Hunter Laptop

Remember when the New York Post published the legitimate story that Hunter Biden left his laptop filled with explicit photographs and criminal evidence at the computer repair shop? Of course, respectable newspapers of record like the New York Times dismissed this story. This is because the Times is the mouthpiece of the deep state liberal axis.

The Post pounded individuals who excused Hunter Biden’s laptop story as disinformation on the record. They looked at the so-called intel authorities to see if they were sorry — they were the ones pushing the disinformation. But no apologies have been forthcoming.

Now, when the New York Times confirmed the legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the only people who were surprised were the poor souls who read the New York Times. The publication conceded in a report that the notorious laptop was, in fact, Hunter Biden’s device.

Was anyone remorseful for the 2020 letter describing the Hunter Biden story as “Russian disinformation”? No, they did exactly what they wanted to do.

During the race in 2020, Democrats and the liberal media referred to a letter that was endorsed by members of the U.S. intel community — also known as “The Deep State.” They falsely claimed that Hunter Biden’s sexual escapades were just a Russian disinformation crusade.

Even Circle Back Jen Psaki attempted to destroy accounts of Hunter’s screw ups. The New York Post affirmed that the New York Times’ exhaustive report about the examination of Hunter Biden’s laptop finally got it right, after over a year of covering the story up.

One month before the 2020 election, the Post revealed that Hunter’s laptop was found, and the data was in the possession of Rudy Giuliani. At the time, former Vice President Joe Biden was trailing President Donald Trump in registered voters who had a brain.

Shockingly, the hard drive contained various compromising material, including photographs and recordings of Hunter with prostitutes. The laptop also has evidence of drug use and other embarrassing information about the president’s son.

With all of this incriminating evidence, it’s easy to see why the New York Time’s waited so long to report it.