Mollie Hemingway: Kamala Harris ‘Keeping Busy’ And ‘Out Of Trouble’ With Electric Cars

According to Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway, the Biden Administration appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as the electric vehicle czar to keep her occupied and out of trouble. Electric vehicles are doing quite well and don’t necessitate a czar in the first place. Czars are in charge of situations requiring coordination among several government agencies to address a wide range of issues. Hemingway said, “She was put in order of one of those tricky things, which is the border.”

Hemingway also remarked that as President Joe Biden fades, Harris has the opportunity to establish “herself to be a serious person with the chops to become president,” but she has yet to do so. We all know that Joe Biden, who is also in a tough spot right now, will not be re-elected. Hemingway said, “She has to show that she’s up for it. She’s the natural person you would think of.” As a former senator, “they haven’t given her any legislative responsibility.” In contrast, Hemingway pointed out that, despite predictions that the Biden-Harris administration would be one “where the adults would be in charge,” the previous government’s Vice President Mike Pence had many legislative responsibilities and even assisted with COVID relief.

“He was a previous governor. He worked on tough subjects,” Hemingway said of his colleague. It appears that this woman, who used to be a senator, is being given busy work because she is such a catastrophe whenever she gets her hands on anything.

She has repeatedly proven herself to be worthy of the title. After all, what good is she apart from all the disastrous face-saving for Biden with absolutely no sense of how to talk to mere teens?