Montana Republican Candidate Ryan Zinke Calls Opponent Fake ‘Libertarian’

Montana congressional candidate Ryan Zinke (R) said during an interview on Saturday that Libertarian candidate John Lamb is “not really a libertarian.”

Zinke, ​​a former Secretary of the Interior under the Donald Trump administration, said Lamb is not a good fit for a Montana electorate that leans libertarian and refuses to be micromanaged by Washington, D.C.

Rather than being libertarian, Zinke claimed that Lamb has leftist values that match Montana’s Democratic candidate for Congress Monica Tranel. Zinke went so far as to say that the two candidates are enjoying a “lovefest” over their leftist values.

“This libertarian [Lamb] has a lovefest with Monica Tranel, which of all the candidates I ever ran she is the most liberal,” Zinke stated. “She wants $133 trillion with a ‘T’ of new spending on top of our $31 trillion deficit.”

“On the abortion issue, she is wide open, I mean moments before birth,” he added.

Zinke also criticized Lamb’s open border policy.

“But then you have a libertarian [Lamb] that believes in no border, I mean no border, doesn’t believe in the concept of a border,” Zinke said during the interview.

Zinke’s comment refers to past statements by Lamb on border policy.

“I think people should be able to move freely across the southern border,” Lamb said. “There are too many federal laws restricting people going across the border.”

Zinke’s interview comes in the wake of recent reports that Lamb and Tranel are coordinating their campaigns to ensure that Zinke loses.

A text message purportedly from Big Sky Votes, a PAC supporting Tranel, was sent to voters urging them to vote for Lamb if they preferred not to vote for Tranel.

“John Lamb has been overlooked in this race, and we encourage you to consider him if you would prefer not to vote for Monica!” the text message reads.

In recent comments, Lamb praised Tranel and said she would do well if elected to office.

“I think she would do a great job if she was elected,” said Lamb of Tranel. “So I’m not worried if she wins.”