MSM Media Hammers DeSantis For Telling The Truth About COVID Theater

Before speaking at a photo op last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told a group of students that they would not have to wear masks and something to the effect that they do not do anything. He went on to say that it was all part of the COVID theater. However, you come down on the mask issue. As DeSantis pointed out, your choice will determine how you view the interchange with the students.

The left uses words like chide, admonish and barked at. Predictably Associated Press tilted the event as unfavorable.

The right side of the aisle was more optimistic about what happened. Most conservative pundits have focused on the ludicrous moving off the goalposts of COVID policy and the flat-out mistruths about the efficacy of the masks. DeSantis said aloud what many people were thinking and it was a breath of fresh air. As usual, very few people have focused on what the kids want.

From early on, it has been known that 18-year-olds and under are at minimal risk from COVID-19. For the first time in modern history, the adults transferred the risks to the kids. Instead of allowing students to breathe fresh air and socially interact with each other (this was especially important for the younger children), we used fear as an excuse to muzzle our kids. They will not forget, nor should they.

The tide has turned on the COVID narrative. Dr. Fauci is reduced to warning about a TB outbreak possibility from the conflict in Ukraine. The nation looked at 70,000 maskless people at the Super Bowl and collectively decided it was time to move on. The media has switched over to the crisis in Ukraine. It cannot help itself, however, when it can attack DeSantis. Unfortunately for them, most Americans side with the Florida Governor. And so do the kids.