MSNBC Calls For Foreign Election Interference

For the longest time, the Democrat Party has been talking from both sides of its mouth regarding elections.

On one side, Democrats claim that Republicans who express concerns about the 2020 presidential race are “election deniers.” Yet, when the left denied former President Trump’s win in the 2016 presidential election, no “election denier” accusations were thrown around.

Democrats also allege that safeguarding the integrity of elections matters. Yet, they’ve been working for quite some time to pass bills through Congress that would federalize state-level elections and ban voter ID rules.

Now, despite the amount of time that Democrats spent screaming that foreign election interference got Trump in the White House, MSNBC is now calling for this same interference on behalf of the left.

A New Low For the Mainstream Media
Democrats are getting desperate and realizing they killed their chances to hold onto congressional power after November’s midterm elections.

Just earlier this week, MSNBC host Nicole Wallace fed Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) a line of questioning concerning the midterms. Wallace asked the Democratic lawmaker if he thinks getting “our friends and allies” from other countries to oversee U.S. elections would be a good idea.

Himes somewhat danced around the issue, alleging he wasn’t “there yet,” but understood why Wallace was posing the question. He would then go on to infer that the Republican Party is somehow trying to compromise U.S. elections.

The Major Elephant in the Room
If a Republican news host suggested that overseas “friends and allies” should oversee American elections, the left would go ballistic. This would make national headlines for at least a week, with Democrats screeching about the danger to democracy posed by such a suggestion.

Interestingly enough, Wallace hasn’t been called out for her comments about foreign interference in our country’s elections. In fact, this isn’t even being widely covered by other media channels.

Americans can rest assured that this line of questioning wouldn’t have come up if Democrats were confident in their party’s path to victory.