MSNBC Get’s “LGB Photobombed” During Live Broadcast

Humor always befuddles the left, mainly because they are humorless (They also have an inability to the meme, but that is a topic for a different time). That is why the “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon is so amusing. The left-leaning among us also love to be in control, as evidenced by their staunch support for mandates and telling everyone else what to do. That is why there is a sublime beauty when left-wing MSNBC anchor Mike Memoli gets photobombed by an LGB enthusiast with perfect timing during a live feed.

If you are unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is the “Let’s Go Brandon” movement, it stems from an interview with a NASCAR driver named Brandon Brown. During the live broadcast, some patriots in the audience decided to voice their displeasure with the current Administration by chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” on national TV. The interviewer, inexplicably feeling a need to cover for a failed President, said something to the effect of “Their chanting Let’s Go, Brandon.” With that, a movement was born.

Crowds of all sizes began chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” at sporting events and other gatherings where sane-minded people congregate. The penultimate use of “Let’s Go Brandon” was when a father said it to the President live on air to his face, who lamely replied, “I agree.” It is a national mystery if Biden knew where he was, let alone what “Let’s Go Brandon” means.

The first lady knew what it meant because she could not stop herself from looking like someone had killed her cat Willow, which they were planning to unveil to distract the country from the President’s dismal polling numbers. Willow indeed lives. We know this because just when you thought the New York Times could not beclown itself further, they produced this tweet.

If the “Let’s Go Brandon” movement ever fades, I propose replacing it with a “Go Plucky Farm Cat!” chant. One thing we know for sure, the left won’t get it.