Musk’s New Protocols Lead To More Leftist Twitter Tantrums

Twitter CEO Elon Musk clarified a looming question that’s been floating around since his acquisition of the company at the end of October.

On Thursday he shared how Twitter will be defining hate speech under his new ownership and it seems the new way is very much like the old way. In fact, it’s identical.

Musk responded to a tweet that was asking for clarification on the matter and said, “This is simply based on the same list of terms that Twitter has used for some time, so ceteris paribus,” meaning it will be unaltered.

The question has been a hot topic as Musk continues to reinstate accounts of previously banned Twitter users. His intent is to offer amnesty to suspended accounts after conducting a poll on Wednesday that asked his followers to vote yes or no on reinstatement as long as users didn’t break the law or engage in egregious spam. Over 72% of the 3 million voters said yes.

The polls, and reinstatements that have stemmed from them, have put the left into a tizzy with many companies pulling advertisements or leaving the platform altogether.

A statement issued by Broadway’s Playbill says its departure is due to Twitter’s expanded tolerance for hate, negativity, and misinformation. Considering the moderation rules are unchanged, this is an interesting take.

A recent article from Forbes repeatedly states that Musk’s poll is unscientific. And we know how much the Left loves their science.

Author and NYU professor Scott Galloway also added his two cents on Musk’s Twitter polls on Tuesday on his podcast, “Pivot”.

“He should absolutely take that poll and stick it up his a–. I’m just sick of these people,” he said.

His temper tantrum went on to say, “I think these polls are mostly a gimmick, and I would argue the people haven’t spoken, the GRU has spoken.” (The GRU is a military intelligence organization founded in 1920 and functioned as a complement to the KGB.)

To summarize the left’s overall reaction to Musk’s Twitter, the new platform is hateful, a product of Russian interference and unscientific. Sound familiar? It’s high time to hear both sides of a story…and for the left to get some new talking points.