Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Remarks On Crime Leave Everyone Shaking Their Heads

There’s no denying the ongoing crime wave is happening in the United States. Democrat-run cities now live with the commotion after defunding the police, taking an ax to cash bail laws, and then letting criminals out of jail.

One of the most outright examples of crime waves across the United States includes retail robberies. Several members of the Democrat Party have made light of organized thefts happening around the country. However, the White House has worked to distance itself from cavalier remarks on these crimes.

During a press conference not too long ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was questioned about retail crimes happening in various communities. As documented by TheBlaze, Pelosi’s response has Americans across the country shaking their heads.

During her latest press conference, Pelosi declared the thefts happening across the nation are “outrageous” and not something that can continue happening. From this point, the House Speaker declared that she’s uncertain of where the “attitude of lawlessness” stems from in the United States.

Shortly after that, Pelosi noted the organized nation of retail thefts before conceding people are not stealing due to desperation and poverty.

At this point, it’s a given that retail thefts and other crimes cannot continue in America. Any person with even an iota of common sense knows and understands this. However, the troubling aspect of Pelosi’s remarks at her press conference is the declaration that she remains oblivious to the underlying cause of lawlessness in the United States.

The fact that Pelosi can’t see what’s causing these crimes to occur speaks volumes. It’s also a prime example of why the congresswoman’s party will lose the midterm elections come November 2022.

Nancy Pelosi mentioned the “attitude of lawlessness” ultimately boils down to her party’s policies. It should be clear enough to anyone who is paying attention.

When the California Supreme Court determines that judges have to consider whether or not a defendant can afford to pay bail, that’s a problem. When law enforcement officers arrest individuals for committing crimes, only to be later released into the public, this leads to lawlessness.

In 2020, Democrats defund the police and simultaneously let prisoners out of jail, citing COVID as the reason for the latter. Now, they’re somehow shocked about the “attitude of lawlessness” happening and hurting communities.

If Democrats like Pelosi were genuinely opposed to criminal activity happening in the United States, they would immediately stop treating criminals with kid gloves.