Nevada Fugitive Arrested After Commenting On Facebook Article

A woman who was taken into custody for seven DUIs surrendered to Las Vegas Metro Police Friday afternoon after commenting on a Facebook post by law enforcement describing her as a fugitive.

If Darwin Awards were handed out for the dumbest criminals, last week’s winner would be uncontested.

Marion Reyes, 36, apparently responded twice to the police posting asking for the public’s help in finding her. An account bearing her name and image posted responses to the story, which was titled “Las Vegas police ask for help finding woman with 7 DUIs who cut off GPS bracelet.”

Proclaiming her innocence, the post asserted “I never cut it off!!! An officer cut it off when I turned myself in. They continued to release me.”

Seemingly not content with her initial response, a follow-up post went into more detail about the suspect’s dire straits.

According to the post attributed to Reyes, who has “top fan” status on the KLAS Facebook page that reposted the police message, “I did not. I repeat I did not put off my bracelet or not charge it. Period. I told the judge lawyers halfway house that I was not going to complete this program.”

The rambling continued before she concluded her posting. “They released me they didn’t give me a court date me I turn myself in me. I will continue to turn myself in in a few days me I’ve been buying by the law and I will turn myself in in a day.”

LVMPD was apparently able to decipher the post and responded. “Then why not turn yourself in now? Let’s get this sorted out tonight.”

Police said that Reyes responded positively to the call to turn herself in. She conversed with an intervention officer Thursday evening before handing herself over to law enforcement Friday.

KLAS reported that a judge issued a bench warrant after Reyes did not appear for a hearing as part of a felony DUI treatment program. She had also, according to reports, been ordered to surrender for other breaches of her treatment. For this she served two days in jail.

Local media cited seven instances since 2007 when Reyes was arrested on DUI charges. She reached a plea deal in October where her last three charges were dropped to one if she entered and complied with a treatment program.

According to that deal, she must serve six months of home confinement and must have a device installed on her car to prevent her from driving under the influence. The agreement also stipulated that she will go to prison if she gets another DUI charge.