Never-Trump Kinzinger Introduces Resolution Giving Biden Authority For War

On Sunday, Illinois’ Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger claimed that he had put forward a resolution that would allow the US military to engage with Russia if they use weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine. These include chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of any kind.

During “Face The Nation” on CBS, Kinzinger announced that Russia’s use of WMDs in Ukraine will be a clear violation and a red flag. He further claimed that if the resolution is passed by Congress, President Biden will have the authority to deliver US military assistance to Ukraine.

According to the New York Post, Kinzinger does not want to use military force in Ukraine at the moment, but he introduced an authorization for the use of military force to give the president congressional leverage if needed.

The anti-Trump Kinzinger is pushing hard to extend Biden’s authority to intensify hostilities in the region. The use of American forces, even our current level of involvement, puts the U.S. on track for direct conflict with Russia, a nuclear-weapon state capable of striking Europe and the United States with the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world. While NATO is a more powerful military force, that fact alone would almost ensure that Russia would turn to unconventional warfare if backed into a corner.

Shortly after appearing on CBS, Kinzinger tweeted a statement in which he said that “words matter” when condemning Russia and calling for “appropriate action” if Russia, the nation clearly winning against a quickly diminishing Ukrainian resistance in the Donbas, uses WMD.

After the September 11, 2001 attack, the US Congress passed a resolution that allowed the US to use military force against the terrorists responsible for the attack. A similar authorization was issued in 2002 for Iraq’s invasion.

Kinzinger, a hero to Democrats and never-Trump Republicans, believes that the U.S. must be just as ready to engage in a military conflict on behalf of Ukraine if needed.

He also stated that even before the World War Ⅱ, there were many instances where nations did not want to get involved in a military confrontation, but eventually had to — Kinzinger is not expected to be signing up for the conflict.