Nevermind Unconstitutional, Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is ‘Woeful’ Mismanagement

Setting aside for the fact that it’s abject lunacy for Joe Biden to order 100 million Americans to undergo medical procedures, and nevermind that it’s unconstitutional and not remotely in the president’s purview as the chief executive of the union, it’s just woefully incompetent management of the economy and the coronavirus pandemic it ostensibly addresses.

How does the president expect to get the economy going again after home eviction protections and federal unemployment relief have expired while creating an environment of uncertainty, confusion, and hostility from his administration and federal regulators willing to enforce his edicts for business owners?

The new rule would be enforced through OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a regulatory arm of the U.S. Labor Department. Businesses that do not comply with the order could be forced to pay a fine of $13,600 per violation. However, it’s unclear how violations will be tallied and how much liability this could amount to.

Meanwhile, employers are faced with coercing their employees to comply with vaccine mandates or regular elective medical testing and deal with employees who do not want to make this choice for their bodies. It’s not only morally outrageous that the government in Washington could be so presumptuous as to strong-arm millions of Americans this way. It has a chilling effect on the economy and hurts efforts to maximize employment.

And besides, the new rules show a fundamental misunderstanding of some basic and apparent realities of businesses, the coronavirus pandemic, and how the mandates would impact everything. They’re poorly designed. Woefully, badly designed. The Biden Administration that ruined so many critical aspects of a secure withdrawal from Afghanistan also lacked the good sense to create a mandate that wasn’t broken in so many ways.

For instance, businesses with fewer than one hundred employees get an exemption from the Biden vaccine mandate. So the mandate does not affect a business with 75 employees who all work in a cramped office wing of a vast office park where they’re sharing the air and touching the same surfaces as thousands of other workers. But a business with 116 employees who work remotely from home worldwide, and collaborate over Slack or Trello, has to coerce its U.S. employees to get vaccinated or get weekly coronavirus tests.

These kinds of absurdities and oversights reveal how little these command-and-control Washington czars know about what they imagine they can design. They betray the fundamental unseriousness of their entire enterprise of combatting coronavirus and covid-19. They haven’t thought through the best solutions to the problem. Instead, they’re grabbing and exercising as much power as they possibly can to enlarge their industry.

If it mattered so much to protect the public from covid-19, then why does the mandate also include exemptions for immigrants at the border? The fundamental unseriousness of it, the callous disregard for Americans’ freedom of choice, has Fox News viewers hyperventilating that the government is treating us even worse than it’s willing to treat immigrants.