New CNN Poll Reveals 67% Disapprove of Biden’s Economy

A new CNN poll finds that about 67% of Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden’s economy. This poll also reveals that the economy remains a top issue for voters amid the 2024 presidential election cycle. As various polls show that Americans disapprove of how Biden has handled certain aspects as president, some Democrats are concerned about the election.

The latest CNN poll also shows that Biden’s current rating on the economy is the second-lowest rating of his presidency thus far. Biden’s lowest rating in regard to the economy came in June 2022 at 30%. Now, only 33% of Americans approve of Biden’s economic moves.

Throughout 2023, Biden has struggled to improve how Americans view certain economic issues. High inflation and high rates remain a massive issue for many in the country, even as the White House touts that the economy is doing well.

By comparison, earlier in his presidency in March 2021, Biden’s economy had a 49% approval.

This CNN poll also shows that economic concerns continue to be a top issue for many American voters, as 42% say it’s their main issue at the moment. Immigration follows at 12%, while foreign policy is at 10%. Partisanship and crime are both at 6%.

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll reveals that Biden’s overall approval remains low at 40%, only slightly higher than November’s reading of 39%.

As various polls have revealed how Americans view Biden’s presidency, some Democrats are concerned this low approval could harm the 2024 presidential race, while other party members remain optimistic that Americans will, once again, choose Biden over a potential Donald Trump presidency.

However, even positive Democrats seem to be concerned with these low ratings. Various national polls released earlier this year revealed that American voters remain unenthused over another Biden-Trump race, as the average citizen seems to want other options to vote for in the 2024 presidential cycle.

Even Biden’s current administration has changed some of their methods over low national sentiment, as Democrats are now refusing to use the phrase “Bidenomics.” Previously, both the president and various Democratic officials used the catchphrase to tout Biden’s winning economy.

However, it appears Biden hasn’t uttered “Bidenomics” since Nov. 1 amid ongoing American economic problems.