New DA Greeted Coldly by the Ousted Boudin’s Staff

Brooke Jenkins could hardly expect a warm welcome to her new position as San Francisco district attorney, especially after quitting her job in his office to help push him out. She did not get one.

Her staff of 25 were almost entirely either hired by the now-recalled Chesa Boudin or his predecessor. That’s current Los Angeles DA George Gascon, another progressive radical who faces his own recall for being ineptly soft on crime.

The purge of progressive radicals posing as prosecutors continues across the nation, and it cannot move fast enough.

Appointed by Mayor London Breed, Jenkins met with her staff this week, and it was described to local media by multiple sources as “horrible,” “icy,” and “uncomfortable.”

Jenkins told the staff that no one will be fired, though some “reshuffling” should be expected.

One of Jenkins’ first acts was to walk through San Francisco’s notorious Tenderloin district, the site of an open-air drug market tolerated by Boudin — if not encouraged. She said the days of free passes for drug dealers are over.

The city suffered 45 drug overdose deaths in May alone, and 33 were from fentanyl, Jenkins said. Mayor Breed declared a state of emergency last year while Boudin’s radical policies destroyed the city. Nearly 500 overdose deaths from fentanyl alone were recorded in San Francisco in 2021.

Incredibly, not one person was convicted of dealing fentanyl under Boudin’s watch last year. Only three individuals in the city all year were convicted of any type of drug dealing.

She also pledged to review all pending plea deals reached by Boudin before his recall. It is reported that she’s looking in particular for drug cases where the former DA may have been too lenient.

One of Jenkins’ first moves was to enthusiastically support Breed’s plan to utilize the city’s surveillance system for the benefit of its citizens. This replaces the old protocols that only allowed access to cameras owned by businesses and private persons in cases of risk of major injury or death.

A compromise was reached with civil libertarians over how long the cameras may be accessed and data retained.

Jenkins, if she is what she purports to be, is going to be interesting to watch over the next few months. The city’s uber-liberal population resoundingly rejected her predecessor’s soft-on-crime policies, but how much will they tolerate someone serious about cleaning up the streets?