New GOP House Majority Steps Up To Defend Life

House Republicans kicked off the 118th Congress by using their new majority status to pass two pro-life measures, sending a strong signal to Democrats that it’s a new day in the lower chamber.

The first bill, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, mandated life-saving medical treatment and legal protection for babies who are born despite unsuccessful abortion attempts. But it also went further.

The act created criminal liability for abortionists if they refuse to provide necessary care and treatment for babies born alive.

The second Republican measure was a resolution condemning over 100 violent attacks, firebombings, and acts of vandalism against organizations that support the rights of unborn children. These targeted churches, pregnancy centers, and other facilities after Roe was overturned last year.

The resolution also encouraged the Biden administration along with the FBI and DOJ to “take action now to bring the perpetrators to justice.” The second measure passed with three Democrats joining the Republican majority.

It specifically called on authorities to “uphold public safety and to protect the rights of pro-life facilities, groups, and churches.” As Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) asked on Wednesday, “Who could be opposed to that?”

The unprecedented leak last May of the Supreme Court’s draft majority opinion on overturning Roe v. Wade sparked outrage among leftist agitators. Numerous violent attacks on pro-life organizations quickly followed.

The Department of Homeland Security then issued a warning, despite the fact that the destruction came from one side of the political spectrum, that both sides have “encouraged violence.”

Some Democratic opponents of the pro-life measure criticized Republicans for only focusing on attacks on pro-life organizations. They claimed without evidence that there were also incidents involving abortionists.

Democrats and their mainstream media allies had a field day criticizing the first acts of the new GOP-led House.

The Washington Post trumpeted that “House Republicans turn their attention to restricting abortion rights,” while the Guardian declared the “Republican-controlled House pushes for new abortion restrictions.” Forbes warned that the GOP is eyeing “even more restrictions.”

The new Republican House majority did what it was sent to Washington to do, and that is to step up for the rights of the most defenseless among us. It was refreshing to see the principled stands made on the House floor, and a clear signal was sent to abortion supporters. It is indeed a new day.