New Mexico Democrat Gabe Vasquez Is In Big Trouble

Across the nation, Democrats are doing everything they can to get elected into congressional seats. In one of the most telling signs yet, some Democratic candidates are trying to distance themselves from unpopular policies and unpopular leaders, such as Joe Biden.

However, many Democratic candidates have been previously on the record supporting radical policies that are hurting the nation today. This isn’t something Americans will forget simply because some on the left stop talking about it or try to scrub their social media accounts.

New Mexico Democratic candidate Gabe Vasquez is now learning this the hard way.

A History of Opposing Police
Back in June 2020, Vasquez spoke about his hatred of law enforcement while attending a Black Lives Matter rally. Using the pseudonym ‘James Hall,’ the New Mexico Democrat argued defunding the police isn’t going far enough.

He proceeded to claim “a system” that supposedly gives white individuals preference over others is what has to be dismantled.

Later, amid running for Congress, Vasquez took down various social media posts that tied him to the Black Lives Matter rally where he advocated to dismantle law enforcement.

Various media outlets have attempted to contact the New Mexico Democrat’s campaign for a statement. Though it seems the campaign doesn’t want to draw attention to this issue.

Additional social media posts that Vasquez has yet to delete show him deeming the free market economy and law enforcement as oppressive forces that hinder black Americans.

Not Right For Congress
At this point, the United States already tried defunding the police and the results have been disastrous. In communities that defunded law enforcement, crime skyrocketed to historic levels.

Recent polls have also confirmed that Americans feel less safe today than they did when the Trump administration was in office.

If Democrats who favor defunding law enforcement are elected into office, America will only continue to deal with more crime. Thanks to police being defunded, delinquents have gotten the message that it’s open season for them to terrorize innocents with a lower likelihod of being held accountable.

The elections in November are a chance for the nation to course correct and stop the country’s current crime crisis from getting even more dangerous.