New Mexico Town Becomes ‘Sanctuary City’ For The Unborn

Taking a unanimous stand for the right to life for all, the New Mexico town of Hobbs voted last week to become a sanctuary city for unborn children.

Directly opposing the radical pro-abortion position of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, the town now classifies abortion as murder and outlaws it within the city limits. It also set the stage for legal warfare against abortion forces who would defy its new law.

Pro-life activists say it’s the first town in the Democratic state to do so. Gov. Lujan Grisham was quick to lash out at the unanimous vote, calling it the product of efforts by “out-of-state extremists.”

Her own actions, however, suggest extremism on the opposite end of the pro-life movement.

Even as the ink dried on the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, the Democrat signed an executive order providing $10 million in state — thus taxpayer — funding for a new abortion facility in Dona Ana County. The site is on the border across from El Paso, Texas.

The reasoning for the location is clear. Texas is a staunchly anti-abortion state, and the nearby city of Lubbock voted to become a sanctuary city for unborn children last year.

Just two months before the high court decision, Lujan Grisham signed an executive order safeguarding abortionists “from attempts at legal retribution” for failure to comply with other states’ laws.

In a statement, the governor said she will “make sure that women and families in New Mexico — and beyond — are supported” in their attempts to have abortions.

Clovis, a New Mexico town near Hobbs, postponed its own sanctuary city ordinance in order to word the law “to better protect against litigation.” All eight city council members are expected to support the measure.

Texas pro-life leaders hail the decision by the town just outside of its borders. State Right to Life President Dr. John Seago said that out-of-state politicians are targeting Texas women, which makes the Hobbs decision “exciting.”

Hobbs does not currently have an abortion clinic, but Whole Women’s Health, one of the largest abortionist facilities in the nation, has said it’s interested in opening one there or in Clovis.

Meanwhile, Gov. Lujan Grisham issued a written statement saying that the Hobbs measure is “an affront to every woman in Hobbs and southeastern New Mexico.” She also declared that the state government “will not stand for it.”