New York BLM Pioneer Tells Eric Adams Of ‘Bloodshed Riots’ In Case City Brings Back Harder Policing

Recently, there have been heated conversations between New Yorks’ mayor-elect Eric Adams and the head of Black Lives Matter, Hawk Newsome. It was reported that during their discussion, Newsome had stated that there would be bloodshed if the city went back to the pre-De Blasio model.

The meeting was held behind closed doors in the Brooklyn Borough Hall on Wednesday. According to reports, the meeting was quite tense, with Adams being a former captain of the police himself. The discussion turned into intense shouting when the issue of reinstating the anti-crime unit was brought up, which Newsome compared to the Nazi Gestapo. Newsome declared that if the city goes back to the old ways of policing, they will have to take to the streets again and that there will be fires and riots and even bloodshed to be seen while stating the New York Daily News. He even told the paper that although the group prays for peace, it prepares for the worst.

Though Newsome’s group and Adams campaign did not respond instantly to the emails of Fox News, the co-founder of the group and Newsome’s sister, Chivona Newsome, stated the paper saying that the group will shut down city hall and give Adams a nightmare. They are considering Adam has been critical of the institution that he served in all those years but has been very proud of his service and has been against defunding the police department from the start. Therefore, Newsome’s comments or warning are somewhat of a challenger for Adams now, considering the examples of the rest of the states and how the BLM groups reacted.