New York Democrats Continue To Make A Fool Of Themselves

Not too long ago, New York was listed by the Cato Institute as one of the states with the least amount of freedom in the nation. It makes perfect sense.

In New York City, people who can’t show proof of COVID vaccination aren’t able to go into bars, fitness centers, restaurants, gyms, etc. Earlier this week, there was a protest outside a Cheesecake Factory in New York over vaccine mandates.

Because Democrats are drunk on power and addicted to the rush they get from implementing control over people’s lives, they’re going to keep playing this game for as long as they can.

Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced that in light of COVID’s newest “wave,” she was implementing another mask mandate. However, as PJ Media reports, Hochul underestimated the type of response she’d get from the residents of her state.

Following Governor Hochul’s Friday announcement of a new mask mandate, 15 different counties across the Empire State noted they would not uphold this order whatsoever.

New York small business owners also made it known that they weren’t interested in forcing customers to cover their faces and then being fined by the government if they did not uphold the mandate.

For just about two years now, business owners in New York have been put through the wringer. Unfortunately, these folks live in one of the most pro-mandated places in the country. In states like New York, leaders have wholly decided that freedom doesn’t matter and the government should have complete control over individuals’ lives.

However, despite the Empire State’s deep ties to leftism, some people are getting sick of it, hence the backlash against Hochul.

On Monday, Hochul effectively walked back the mandate. The New York governor explained the counties would not be required to comply with the order. Shortly after that, Hochul also claimed she “hopes” counties would force individuals to wear masks over their faces, citing it as the right thing to do for public health purposes.

The Democrat governor then conceded that the effectiveness of her mandate ultimately boils down to counties and businesses choosing to enforce it.

Hochul’s decision to walk back her tyrannical mask mandate sends a clear message. It shows that when enough people stand up, say no, and refuse to enforce these authoritarian mandates, that is when this all ends.

Every county, business owner, and individual across the United States should stand up and say “no more” to mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, school closures, business closures, or anything else along these lines.