New York Governor Doesn’t Want Republicans in Her State

As the midterm elections get closer, there’s an ongoing escalation of attacks against Republicans from the Democrat Party.

Just days ago, Joe Biden campaigned for Democrats in Maryland, claiming he’s got no respect for “MAGA Republicans.” Biden then proceeded to write off the millions of Americans who support former President Trump as fascists and antagonists against democracy.

Later, when questioned about these remarks from the president, the White House doubled down. Biden is far from an anomaly, though.

Very recently, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) outrightly declared that GOP members living in her state need to get out.

Dissecting Hochul’s Message to New York Republicans
During a speaking engagement, the New York governor expressed that Republicans in the Empire State need to “get out of town.” She followed this up by claiming GOP members would be better suited living in Florida, a state where they “belong.”

In additional remarks, Hochul said New York Republicans aren’t representative of “our values” and therefore don’t really count as legitimate New Yorkers.

Following a decent amount of backlash, the New York governor is somewhat backtracking and claiming her statements were directed towards former President Trump and elected GOP New Yorkers.

However, few people believe this. Hochul’s direct calls for Republicans in the Empire State to get on buses and ride down to Florida were very clearly not limited to the former president or elected Republicans in New York.

The Irony of Hochul’s Message
Despite the troubling nature of the New York governor’s rhetoric, there’s definitely some irony to it.

As it turns out, New York has been documented as a state with some of the largest numbers of people moving out. Meanwhile, Florida is a state with leading influxes of new people coming in.

A significant factor in the migration from blue states to red states is escaping the leadership put in place by Democrats like Hochul.

Many Americans who moved to Florida under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) did so to have access to freedom and to dodge authoritarian mandates in the wake of COVID-19.

Since 2020, many New Yorkers have been willingly leaving the state without having to be prompted to do so by a Democratic governor.