New York Magazine ‘Thinks More Highly’ Of AOC

Some people are easy to impress, which is excellent when your claim to fame wins nearly 16,000 votes in a party primary. But the editors of New York Magazine have dug up sufficient evidence to name Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as “our first female wunderkind” and gush over her stellar political attributes as a “political supernova” all while writing a fluff piece masquerading as political commentary.


Like the awards shows and prizes the left loves to lavish on each other, the fawning press in the Big Apple apparently cannot get enough of someone the rest of the country has seen entirely too much of. Despite losing much political cache since Biden took office, are you listening to CNN? AOC still commands enough star power for the magazine to put out its no-doubt Pulitzer-quality collection called “Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC.” Once the religion writer for the Washington Post, Lisa Miller wrote four chapters of this weighty tome and included some remarkable insights into AOC’s world. Miller investigates “how she looks and talks” along with her clothes and hairstyle and how she’s the “master of the Twitter clap back,” which now passes for high praise in leftist circles.

Somehow New York Magazine even manages to laud Ocasio-Cortez for her role in sinking the move by Amazon to build a second headquarters near her home district in Queens. A headquarters that would bring thousands of jobs and millions in investment. Far from viewing the project with “outrage,” as AOC said in 2018, a vast majority of registered voters in New York City approved the retail giant’s decision to build its facility in Long Island City. 69% is a number most politicians would see as a mandate.

But not the magazine’s favorite Democratic Socialists of America superstar! No, she was outraged by the tax incentives the evil corporation would have received for locating in her district and providing a much-needed economic boost for the poor she so mightily champions. Even a billboard prominently displayed in Times Square that cast the blame squarely on her shoulders for costing the city 25,000 jobs and $4 billion in wages was not enough to convince what passes for journalism that Ocasio-Cortez is anything but our best example of “knockout charisma and communicative talents.”

All this praise and AOC’s hero Bernie Sanders still need to book a tour to enter the White House. Congressional Democrats are turning on each other, and controlling two of the three branches of government has resulted in very little of their agenda seeing the light of day. Perhaps Republicans and the American heartland should rejoice because New York Magazine’s “wunderkind” seems determined to deliver them a landslide victory in the November midterms. Stay tuned!