New York Times Reporter Wants Donald Trump’s Policies But Without Trump

Thomas L. Friedman, provocateur-columnist for The New York Times, has used his January 5, 2022 column for incitement and intimidation. “How to Stop Trump and Prevent Another January 6,” says Friedman’s newest shrieking rant. “To Save America, Don’t Dismantle the Police or the Constitution,” read the headline above the print edition of the editorial. “If Donald Trump and his cronies can pull off a procedural coup in 2024 as they did on January 6, 2021, Democrats will not merely say, ‘Ah Friedman presumably meant ‘Aw’ shucks, and we’ll try harder next time.’”

According to Friedman, corporate leaders can “save us” from “Democrats who take to the streets.” Friedman urges our leading corporations to withhold funds from politicians who “voted to dismantle the police or the Constitution.” He hastily acknowledges (emphasis added), “False equivalence, indeed. Nothing compares to the Trump cult’s threat to our constitutional order.” The Big Lie.

The left’s use of the Big Lie (endorsed, alas, by Cheney the Changeling) that Donald J. Trump is a threat to our republic and Constitution is intended to intimidate Republicans from raising essential questions about what happened when the voting st 69 percent of votes in 2020 will be mailed in or cast before Election Day, compared to 40 percent in 2016. The Tennessee Star reported on January 4 that Georgia will now look into illegal vote harvesting in 2020. He attempts equivalency three paragraphs into his latest provocative political propaganda: Businesses have effectively resisted dismantling the police in their hometowns, like Minneapolis (suddenly Friedman, of Middle America.) Trump Republicans are trying to dismantle the Constitution, and now it’s up to America’s business leaders.

To put it another way, saying Donald Trump intends to dismantle the Constitution is like saying the sun revolves around our planet. To political dissidents who disrupt the democratic process, business leaders, Republican Party officials, and anyone else who believes in democracy and the rule of law should issue a warning: “You will be met with National Guard forces, who will be called out to put down the slightest hint of insurrection.”

Using the threat of leftist riots to further his self-serving agenda is outrageous. “Kicked over the tracks,” in the words of Yale Law School legal historian Prof. Alexander Bickel, “The New York Times has finally gone.”