Newly Elected NYC Mayor Fixes Another De Blasio “Policing Mistake”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently revealed that he would be bringing back a plainclothes police unit specializing in decreasing gun crime. The department, disbanded by former Mayor de Blasio during the defunding of the police craze, will be dubbed “neighborhood safety teams.” The new name was that the former unit had a disproportionately high number of shootings compared to the rest of the force.

Two minutes of critical thinking might reveal that a force tasked with cracking down exclusively on people with guns might result in a higher number of shootings. In classic de Blasio doublespeak, the former Mayor defended his prior decision to disband the unit while praising the decision to restart it. Some would argue that current events forced the Mayor to increase the police presence.

The most recent crime stats for NYC are quite the revelation. Shootings have doubled, and murders are up 50 percent. Criminals are getting even more brazen, as evidenced by the recent killing of officer Jason Rivera. Both the citizens of NYC and the police force feel the strain of the current crime wave.

It is unclear if bringing the task force will get those numbers down. New bail reform laws that immediately put arrested criminals back on the street negatively affect crime rates. Furthermore, liberal District Attorneys like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg have promised to decriminalize lower-level crimes such as resisting arrest, trespassing, and prostitution. This approach completely ignores the concept of preventing more serious crimes in the future by enforcing so-called lower-level crimes.

Mayor Adams, a former police officer, understands rising crime is a political liability. In addition to reviving the plainclothes unit, he promised to expand summer youth programs, work on local job growth, and aid people leaving foster care. Let us hope these efforts and returning to more traditional policing methods will stop the current crime wave.