Newt Gingrich: Big Government Socialism Is An American System Crisis

Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, said on “Hannity” Monday that the “disasters” in Democratic states are only going to get worse and that the “crisis of the American system” is whether “big government socialism” can be eradicated in the next few years. Newt Gingrich feels that the President is responsible, but he also believes Congress is responsible. Furthermore, Gingrinch believes that its governors and state legislatures are responsible. However, he stated that “America is a beautiful country that encourages its citizens to participate in their governance.” Besides, what the public is witnessing is a great divide. California’s citizens are causing the state to do incredibly foolish things, pushing people out of the state and into places with more sensible governance.

Moreover, the disparity between the worst of the red states and the worst of the blue conditions is so great that it’s as if they were two whole separate countries. The red states with Republican governors and lawmakers, fewer taxes, less regulation, a favorable work environment, and a favorable environment for job development will perform well. They also have schools that are genuinely functional as well. On the other hand, these blue states, such as California and New York, are catastrophes. Their conditions are only likely to deteriorate more due to their ineffective policies. Their political philosophy is useless as well as labor-union friends are wreaking havoc on the system.

As a result, Newt Gingrich believes that America faces a genuine crisis in the American system, regardless of whether they can abolish this extreme, large government in the next five or six years. Return to the classic American paradigm of socialism, in which work is essential.