‘No Gavel, No Problem’: Lt. Governor Winsome Sears’ Epic Improvise

Some unknown ‘prankster’ hid the gavel required to start a session of the Virginia Senate, but Lt. Governor Winsome Sears would not be stopped from implementing her duties. She took off one of her patent leather pumps without batting an eye and gaveled everyone to order.

The situation showed the Lt. Governor’s ability to rise to whatever the moment requires, even if it requires a bit of playfulness. Ms. Sears has never been afraid to show an unorthodox side. While campaigning for the office she now holds, the Lt. Governor tweeted a picture of herself at a range shooting an AR-15 and later used the image in a campaign ad. Predictably, the media melted down.

Sears occupies a unique political position where she possesses many things the left claims are essential. She is an immigrant (born in Jamaica and came here when she was six) and a person of color. Unfortunately, she happens to hold the wrong political views. Instead of endless mainstream media coverage as an American success story, Ms. Sears is ignored by the pundits.

However, this makes her highly effective at pointing out the left’s hypocrisy with her scathing wit.

If there is one thing that Republicans should take from Lt. Governor Sears and Delegate A.C. Cordoza, it is that the Black vote is not a monolith. President Trump’s success with African Americans, especially among Black men, shows that a conservative message can resonate even with voters who traditionally vote Democrat.

Lt. Governor Sears is fearless and inventive. She deserves all the support the Virginia Republicans can give her and nationwide exposure and funds from the Republican National Committee. Let us hope more elected officials follow her lead.