‘No Mercy’ For Kamala On Free-At-Home Test Tweet

Kamala Harris is one of the most unpopular politicians of all time. It was evident when she could not even persuade people in her home state of California to support her during the primaries when she ran for President. Someone neglected to tell the Biden team when they selected her to be Sleepy Joe’s running mate. Whoever thought it was a promising idea to bring on board someone with negative popularity as a starting point will be a mystery for future political scientists to argue about (unless you subscribe to the theory that Kamala was selected to be the ultimate impeachment insurance for the President, which I do not). Predictably, things have not been going well since she became Vice President.

The resultant chaos of her office, where the rats are seemingly fleeing the sinking ship by the day, only adds to her Vice Presidency’s dysfunction. This background is helpful to understand why the twitter-sphere did not receive an innocuous tweet about the dubious ‘free-at-home’ program. Here is the Vice President’s tweet:

Many people observed that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The taxpayers paid for tests, so they are not technically free, and this irked the more spend thrifty among us. Others took it as a chance to treat the thread as a combo help desk and cry for help:

Not sure if Jon was hoping that Kamala could call in the military to impose some mask mandate on Idaho Falls, but she is only a heartbeat away from being the commander-in-chief. She is not the actual commander-in-chief. It is also doubtful that she or her staff are looking into the delay, but Jon hopes for competency in the federal government.

Others were upset that the United States ordered masks from the country that most likely released the virus, accidentally or otherwise, from a laboratory. This group was more strident in their suggested courses of action:

The Vice President may be behind the curve as usual on this issue as COVID cases continue to drop rapidly. Hopefully, we are at the end of the pandemic, and people can return to disliking Kamala Harris for more normal reasons, like any time she makes a public comment.