North Korea Relationship Unravels As Joe Biden Abandons Foreign Policy Front

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was carefully orchestrated for years by the Donald Trump administration, only for voters to overturn the organization in the middle of this delicate operation, replacing the chief architect of U.S. peace with Afghanistan an energetic, fast-thinking, organizational genius with an unusual gift for international diplomacy with Joe Biden.

By contrast to Donald Trump, the number forty-six model president of the United States is a sleepy, irresponsible, disorganized Washington swamp fossil with an unusual gift for climbing the grandiose ladder of his ambitions despite himself.

And after barrelling into the White House on a tsunami of media-manufactured Covid hysteria and economics woes brought on by the Democratic media and politicians’ goofy histrionics, Joe Biden has done nothing less but hijack a well-organized foreign policy of sensible and strong consolidation and crash it into one of fundamentally no leadership, with costly, dangerous, and deadly consequences.

As the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated for months under Joe Biden’s watch, the administration failed to identify the warning signs and adequately prepare while operating in the theater with its eyes wide open, vigilant of the dangers and sudden changes on the ground to the very end with the last plane miles over the Atlantic.

Instead, when the deterioration accelerated to sudden evaporation of the order the continuing U.S. presence there had imposed, the Joe Biden administration was caught blind and complacent about the situation on the ground. It cost American service members and foreign nationals their lives in the ensuing convergence of events.

After speaking to the U.N. about Covid and looking more and more like Senator Palpatine with every appearance it would seem, Biden has bowed out of the foreign policy arena. The president is now moving to rally Democrats to enact a radical slate of ultra-socialist government appropriations and programs.

His foreign policy is an utter disaster, his poll numbers continuing to decline. The embattled Biden hopes to stack trillions of dollars more than what Washington spent in emergency fiscal stimulus last year. And what’s more, to do so over just the following year. There’s no telling what’s coming down the pipeline if the Washington class can pull this one over on Americans after getting the last one done with virtually no outcry.
But leave it to Biden to neglect relations with North Korea in his ambitious drive for domestic policy glory as some 21st century LBJ figure since he won’t be remembered for anything good with Afghanistan. Donald Trump worked very hard to build up North Korean confidence in the United States after Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear program. Delivery capability went full tilt, probably capable of hitting Hawaii or maybe even Washington state.

Now Biden is leaving it in shambles, letting Mr. Kim become agitated about a nuclear submarine contract between France and Australia that fell through because the U.S. poached the contract and will be fulfilling it for the government of the land down under. If a proper, wide-awake, stern-at-work professional like Mr. Trump were still president, this probably would not have happened. Trump would be talking to North Korea and making sure everything was excellent.