NYC Storing Most Migrants Bused From Texas In Homeless Shelters

Most of the illegal border crossers sent north to New York City by Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott remain in homeless shelters, notwithstanding the Big Apple’s proud claim to be a “sanctuary city.”

Abbott has been sending illegal migrants released inside Texas by Joe Biden’s open borders policies north to New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago over much of 2022. Texas is attempting to defray some of the costs associated with illegal immigration by sending willing aliens to the Democrat-controlled enclaves that proudly tout their pro-illegal immigration philosophies.

A recent independent report reveals that of the roughly 15,500 illegal migrants bussed to New York City from Texas, more than 11,800 are still languishing in homeless shelters. That amounts to around 76% of the total.

Of the minority who have escaped from the NYC homeless shelters, many have only done so with public assistance funded by taxpayers.

In the last fiscal year, only around 1,800 single adults and 1,000 families have left the city’s homeless shelters without subsidies and public assistance. In the same period, at least 5,200 single adults and 4,100 families used assistance to leave the homeless system.

An analysis by the New York Times published in August described the situation in the city’s homeless shelters as “dire.” It estimated that if the number of illegal migrants being sent to New York City continues at its current pace, the system would see the number of temporarily housed residents “nearly double to almost 60,000.”

New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams joined other local politicians in asking for federal taxpayer funds of around $500 million to assist the city in fulfilling its sanctuary promises.

The number of illegal migrants sent to New York City under a Biden administration program named Alternatives to Detention (ATD) has skyrocketed by 184% in the last two years.

The Journal of Housing Economics published a study in 2017 indicating that massive increases in immigration into a metropolitan area are connected to increases in rent and housing costs. In New York City, the median cost of rent for a two-bedroom apartment has shot up over 46% in just the last year.