NYT Overlooks DeSantis’ Voting Record While Criticizing Him for Requesting Hurricane Aid

The New York Times published a story criticizing Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for requesting aid for Hurricane Ian relief efforts, but failed to report that he eventually did support Hurricane Sandy emergency funding.

The story focused on a vote given by Ron DeSantis in 2013 during his first year as Florida congressman. At the time, Congress was debating whether to pass a federal bailout package to help New York with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

“I sympathize with the victims,” DeSantis said at the time, before voting against the package due to fiscal concerns.

He went on to say that he would support a smaller relief package, but as proposed, he viewed the $9.7 billion package as emblematic of Congress’ “put it on the credit card mentality.”

“The problem with the Sandy package was, if you look at it, only 30 percent of it was going to be spent in the first two years,” stated DeSantis. “It actually appropriated money out to 2020 and 2021, things that could not in any way be said to be emergency spending.”

“It just was so much extraneous stuff,” he added.

Critics of the Times article point out that DeSantis did later support emergency funding for Hurricane Sandy devastation. Dustin Carmack, DeSantis’ former chief of staff, chimed in on the matter, chastising the newspaper for overlooking key information in order to push a narrative.

In a tweet, Carmack explained that DeSantis voted for $17 billion in emergency relief.

Nevertheless, the Times were bent on taking the Hurricane Ian natural disaster as an opportunity to call the Florida governor a hypocrite.

“Nearly a decade later, as his state confronts the devastation and costly destruction wrought by Hurricane Ian, Mr. DeSantis is appealing to the nation’s better angels — and betting on its short memory,” wrote the NYT reporter Matt Flegenheimer.

MSNBC also ran a story stating that DeSantis is becoming a big government Republican.