Official Praises Fertilizer Shortage Despite Pending Food Crisis

An unintended consequence of the sanctions placed on Russia because of the war in Ukraine is a projected worldwide fertilizer shortage. Farmers in the United States have seen fertilizer prices skyrocket for this year’s planting season. It is unknown what impact this situation will have on crop yields, but one thing is for certain, food inflation will continue to rise as a result.

Russia and Ukraine produce a vast amount of the world’s fertilizer and natural gas, with Russia representing roughly 40% of Europe’s natural gas imports. Fertilizer is manufactured using natural gas, so Samantha Powers tried to spin the shortage as a net positive.

There is a reason our food supply uses fertilizer instead of the suggested natural methods. They work better and produce a higher yield per acre. This reality, and Ms. Powers’ messaging, is troubling when taken with President Biden’s previous statement telling the country that there will be food shortages because of the war in Ukraine. Instead of simply hoping it will all work out, what President Biden should be doing is urging Americans to take action now.

If the administration were to start talking about everyone planting a garden in whatever space they have, it would act as a hedge against the possibility of food shortages. Instead, the president has not talked about it since mentioning it. Americans have ignored it, focusing on the war and now the drama at the Supreme Court, as it grapples with the Roe v. Wade decision.

It is telling that Powers uttered roughly the same phrase Rahm Emanuel made famous: “Never let a crisis go to waste.” The Biden administration is not concerned about starving Americans. They are concerned with pushing their Green agenda no matter the cost.

This can clearly be seen with President Biden’s war on American energy, being conducted as a food crisis looms. The sanctions on Russia are impacting gas prices in addition to wreaking havoc on the fertilizer market. Gas prices were rising before the war and the administration’s sanctions only made it worse.

The Biden administration continues to spin as the American people suffer. But November is coming. And these kinds of issues are going to make a difference come the midterms.