On Mask-Less Emmy Awards LA County Has ‘Rules For Thee, Not For Me’

We have an entire year of proof that the elites pushing masks, mask mandates, vaccines, vax mandates, forever lockdowns, and all this other madness on us, are total hypocrites. These people throw giant maskless parties and events. Politicians like Gavin Newsom do it. The journalists like disgraced ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s brother do it. All these Covid cultists and coronavirus panic freaks don’t believe any of it.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been repeatedly caught on camera letting it all hang out, her face that is, chatting it up in crowds of people, entirely regardless of any impending doom from a deadly viral pandemic when she’s not posing for the cameras. Then when the group gets together, someone points a camera, and they all say, “Three, two, one, cheese…” between three and two, she suddenly slips her mask on for the photo.

At the recent Emmy awards event on Sunday, none of the celebrities, all of those pro-Great Reset, pro-Covid fascism, glitzy champagne socialists who made that John Lennon “Imagine” cover video to support the lockdowns last year (singing “imagine there’s no heaven” during what they claimed was a once in a century deadly plague), none of those guys were wearing any masks.

It was a crowded event. People were all sitting close to each other around tables, breathing each other’s air and stuff. It was held inside a giant enclosed tent. And it violated LA County’s ridiculously, completely un-American, draconian, anti-business, anti-freedom, total power trip local covid rules.

But leave it to these elites who pose as all leftist, compassionate, and bleeding heart people, to be sitting around their big party without wearing masks while forcing the low-paid help to wear masks. All the workers at the event were wearing masks, while the just so precious and unique celebrities got to show their faces.

Still, you won’t believe what the Los Angeles Health Department said when questioned about why the Emmy awards show was allowed to break the local covid restrictions for its ritzy televised broadcast. Or maybe you will, since we’re living in a clown world now, and LA might be the capital city of it. They said, “exceptions are made for film, television, and music productions” because “additional safety modifications” are made for these elite shindigs.

What a bunch of malarkey to use the word Joe Biden leans on to connect to the average voter. They’re just allowed to get away with anything they want, and besides, none of you believe Covid is as dangerous as you’ve been acting like it is. That’s the absolute truth. “LOL, just stop after ‘exceptions are made,’” Charles V. Payne balked, filing this episode in local government corruption under rules for thee and not for me.

On Twitter, someone smartly observed, “Incredible. It turns out the virus makes exceptions for film, television, and music productions.” Another echoed the proverbial words of the late George Carlin, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.” Another tried their hand at the Los Angeles health department’s bro science reasoning, “…because bruh, the beautiful people are extra immune.”