Orwell Strikes Again In Illinois

Here’s another example of business as usual in Washington DC — the business of lying and putting good for evil, and evil for good, the business of saying up is down, left is right, everything is the opposite of what you really know it is. And they continue to get away with it because too many people are all too willing to be deceived in their hearts, both in matters personal and political:

From the Washington Free Beacon, by Collin Anderson:

“As a federal official, Nikki Budzinski helped the [Brandon] administration cancel the Keystone XL pipeline. Now, the Illinois Democrat is running for Congress with a promise to reduce America’s ‘dependence on foreign energy.’”

How did Budzinski help Brandon actually increase America’s dependence on foreign oil, weaken its national security, destroy job opportunities, ruin billions of dollars in productive capital, and even cause harm to the environment that she and the Brandonites purport to protect?

Anderson has it at the Free Beacon:

“Budzinski joined the Biden administration in January 2021, when President Joe Biden shut down Keystone—which would have transported hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil per day from Canada to the United States—via executive order. As chief of staff in the Office of Management and Budget, Budzinski was tasked with overseeing the implementation of Biden’s executive orders.”

How many jobs were lost because of the Brandon administration’s unlawful executive order trammeling on American commerce and industry from afar in his ivory tower in Washington?

Even the lying so-called “fact-checkers” say the figure of 12,000 jobs is half-true, so you know it’s probably all true, or even twice as true, because conservatives never have the confidence to puff up and lie the way these so-called “progressive” fact checkers have— unless they’ve been duped by the progressive mainstream media into supporting a false flag conservative policy that’s actually a fully Woodrow Wilson demolition job of productivity and freedom in drag as a conservative policy.

And remember, this was accomplished with the stroke of Brandon’s pen. So not only did Budzinski trash the economy, destroy jobs, and increase U.S. dependence on foreign oil— she helped this administration to continue its unchecked expansion of federal executive power and steamroll over the U.S. Constitution like Brandon spent eight years doing as vice president in the Barack Obama Administration— Democrats’ favorite thing to do even more than Republicans (when they have the levers of power in hand).

If Orwell had a nickel every time.