Over 60% Of Americans Say Artificial Intelligence Threatens Humanity

Over 60% of Americans say artificial intelligence (AI) threatens the future of humanity. Yet, technology companies such as Google and Microsoft are expediting the development of AI software.

A recently published Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 61% of Americans are concerned that AI threatens humanity’s future. Less than 25% disagreed with that view, while 17% remained unsure.

Among voters of former President Donald Trump, over 70% said they were concerned about AI’s risks. More than 50% of voters for President Joe Biden agreed that AI is a threat. Regarding Christians, 32% of Evangelicals “strongly agree” that AI is a threat, compared to 24% of other Christians.

As AI technology such as ChatGPT grows in popularity and “Big Tech” companies compete against each other to develop AI, Americans are reasonably worried. The Chinese government currently uses AI to spy on its citizens.

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) has warned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) might use AI to aid in its exportation of communism. He said that China views AI as an “instrument or weapon with which to perfect its Orwellian techno-totalitarian surveillance state.”

Sebastian Thrun, a computer science professor at Stanford University known for founding Google X, claimed to Reuters that AI would help rather than harm humanity.

“AI will raise peoples’ quality of life, and help people be more competent and more efficient,” Thrun said.

Thrun’s claim fails to address issues such as that AI could soon likely replace humans in the workforce and can make censorship and surveillance easier. Law enforcement agencies worldwide are now using facial recognition databases built from billions of photos AI obtained from the internet.

According to PJ Media, an “AI arms race has begun.” As companies like Microsoft began applying AI to medical records and its search engine, CEO Satya Nadella says AI can help humans “retool” themselves. Google Employees declared that their AI rush has already caused ethical failures.

Twitter, Tesla, and Neuralink owner Elon Musk called for a temporary pause on AI development, despite reportedly planning a new AI startup.

“It’s not surprising Americans are worried about AI. The question is, what is the solution? Is there any way to prevent AI from creating a dystopian future?” PJ Media stated.