Parents Outraged Over ‘Queerest’ Halloween Drag Show Promoted In Grade Schools

San Diego parents are outraged over a flyer distributed to area public school children promoting the “queerest” Halloween party along with a “family-friendly” drag performance.

The flyer, sent to parents of children in the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD), boasted of the event’s sponsorship by a gay bar and a gender reassignment surgery center.

The organizer for the event is Trans Family Support Services, which is a locally-based group that bills itself as providing trangender support services nationally.

Parents have organized as well to protest this show and plan a demonstration with other community members at the district office. At least one district staffer labeled objecting parents as “homophobes,” but those opposed to the “Boo Bash” hope their presence will make a difference.

In an Instagram post by opponents of the event, a “call to action” was sent out to “parents, residents, teachers, and taxpayers.” The outraged parents specifically demanded the school district end the sexualization of children with activities such as this.

They also called for the district to terminate employees responsible for approving the drag event as well as the staffer who made the disparaging reference to protesters.

Opponents claim the school board denied their request for a special board meeting to discuss the flyer and were instead instructed to attend the public meeting to address their concerns.

They further assert that the EUSD worked to silence parents’ voices within the schools and demand to know who was responsible for approving the Boo Bash.

The “bash” is promoted as having a “Disney villain” theme and features performers including Razzle Dazzle Richards, Amber St. James, Naomi Daniels, and Mariam T.

The district weakly defended itself by saying the email to parents went through a service that offers optional information about district events. It also pointed to the disclaimer that distribution of the notice “does not imply endorsement” by EUSD.

It is hardly news that concerned parents do not want their young children exposed to and sexualized by these adult performers. The news is that school districts and other presumably responsible adults continue to push these inappropriate events against parents’ wishes.