Patricia Arquette Beclowns Herself On Russia

Historians will look back at this time with perplexity at who we as a culture decided to elevate to leadership positions. From our “Hey guys, we are talking about a possible world war” Vice President to our Old Grandpa mumbler-in-chief, it is clear we have not put forth our best and brightest. Our infatuation with the pearls of wisdom bestowed upon the Hollywood elite will be even more confusing to future generations. How a person’s ability to pretend to be someone else somehow imputes an almost omnipotent knowledge of everything is a mystery.

Not surprisingly, our acting better occasionally gets it wrong. Take the curious case of Patricia Arquette. First, she lectures us on what preparation must be embarked upon before spouting off on Twitter (isn’t the whole point of Twitter to spout off?) and then she drops a doozy of a tweet.

She quickly deleted the Tweet, but as we know, the internet is forever. Then she compounded her mistake by trying to explain it away.

Let us give her the benefit of the doubt and say it was an honest mistake due to a disability. I would never want to pile onto someone in that situation. You can move off the delivery and still hammer the message. However, it is getting confusing as to which message to respond to.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but the masses are starting to tire of virtue signaling. Every couple of months, a new cause must be embraced to remain a member of polite society. Once adopted, each reason must be telegraphed writ large to ensure everyone knows you are still part of the club. It is like a high school prom king and queen election went completely mad. Failure to do so results in public shame or worse.

Frankly, everyone has started to lose track of where we are in the plot. Are we still supposed to virtue signal on the masks while still standing with Ukraine (someone just scurried off to make N95 Ukraine masks)? The serious people have all gone into hiding, it seems. Or maybe this is what we have been stuck with all along. It is a sad situation either way. And no, Russia will not be kicked out of the United Nations. If I were to proffer an opinion, it would be to shut the entire United Nations down, but I am not an actor, so what do I know?