Pence Camp Says FEC Filing For 2024 Run Is Fake News

On Monday, an FEC form was filed in the name of former Vice President Mike Pence stating his candidacy for President in 2024. However, in an odd turn, a spokesman for the former vice president took to Twitter denying they had filed the form and claiming it is entirely fake.

A quick search of the Federal Election Commission database shows a filing on 26 December 2022 in the name of “Mr. Mike Richard Pence.” With a principal campaign committee listed in Anderson, Indiana, it seemed at first glance that former Vice President Mike Pence was preparing to announce a presidential run.

However, shortly after reports of the filing surfaced, Devin O’Malley — Pence’s press secretary — tweeted a very direct message. “Former Vice President Mike Pence did not file to run for president today.” No further explanation was immediately given for the filing.

After initial confusion, media outlets began to note that former Vice President Pence’s legal first name is Michael, indicating that the filing may in fact be unaffiliated with him. Some speculate he is a victim of a well-executed prank, though it’s unclear what any such prank would be aimed at accomplishing.

It’s no secret that former Vice President Pence has been considering a presidential run. In November, he appeared on ABC’s “World News Tonight” where he claimed in an extended interview to be giving “prayerful consideration” to the notion of a 2024 run. He went on to say there would be “better choices” than Trump in the 2024 election.

The relationship between President Trump and former Vice President Pence has publicly deteriorated in the past few years. And it doesn’t appear that Pence would make it very far in a primary against the much more popular Trump.