Pennsylvania School Board Refuses Candidate Because He Was A ‘Cis, White Male’

There’s a growing movement in our governments, corporations, and organizations to promote on the basis of furthering radical ideologies, rather than actual qualifications, strong character or adherence to what’s morally right.

In 2022 alone, we’ve seen lesbian, anti-American Brittany Griner come back to the U.S. rather than a Marine veteran who is wrongfully detained. We’ve seen the Biden administration hire a non-binary official who has been accused for the second time of stealing designer luggage. And in the most twisted example of this, we’ve seen a transgendered man become nominated for USA Today’s “Woman of the Year.”

The common theme with these examples is that they were chosen based on closing a gender gap and promoting inclusiveness — a massive push for radical agendas. Brittney Griner unapologetically refuses to be on the basketball court during the national anthem, yet the Biden administration negotiated for her return over a U.S. veteran.

To hold a position at the level of Sam Brinton, Biden’s nuclear waste official, you would imagine that one would have to maintain a certain level of good moral character (at least in the public view). Yet he can’t stop stealing women’s luggage.

To be the “Woman of the Year,” one would think you would have to be born a female. But we’re living in 2022 and it seems facts, character and qualifications are overridden by being inclusive.

A school board member of Upper Moreland School District near Philadelphia said the quiet part out loud last week when she voiced her opinion on hiring a candidate who she believed was qualified, but should not get the job because he’s a white cis male.

Treasurer Jennifer Solot presented her case to the school board:

“I believe that Mr. D’Elia would make an excellent president. However, I feel that electing the only cis, white male president of the board of this district sends the wrong message to our community — a message that is contrary to what we as a board have been trying to accomplish.”

She went on to say that the board needs to “practice what they preach” before the vote was taken. The board then elected the other candidate of the two, with only D’Elia voting for himself.

Read this slow and maybe even twice — Solot stated that the qualified candidate, who she believed would be excellent as president, could not be president because he was white and identified as his biological sex.