Pennsylvania School To Hold ‘After School Satan Club’ Event, Hosted By The Satanic Temple

An “After School Satan Club” event — approved by the school district — is being held at a high school in Pennsylvania in September, hosted by the Satanic Temple.

Officials in the Northern York County School District approved the event on Tuesday, which will be held at Northern High School in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, according to reporting from Fox 43.

In April, a local school board in Dillsburg voted 8-1 to reject the Satanic Temple’s request to host a different “After School Satan Club” event at an elementary school, Breitbart reported at the time.

Parents and residents came out in strong opposition to the previous attempted event at the elementary school, speaking out about allowing “evil” into schools.

“They already took God out of schools now they’re going to let Satan in, it’s just crazy,” Perry County Resident Jennifer McAllister said back in April, Fox 43 reported.

“There is a lot of evil already in this world, so to allow it to come into our school and our community is not OK,” another parent, Laura Vangeli, said at the time, according to local news outlet WHP.

A spokesman from the Satanic Temple claimed that the events should be viewed through the lens of religious freedom.

“We’re talking about upholding fundamental pillars of democracy and the First Amendment,” said Lucien Graves, a co-founder of the temple.

The Northern York County School District released a statement in response to the “After School Satan Club.”

“As a public school district, the use of our school facilities by outside organizations must be permitted without discrimination,” the statement read. “The moment we allowed the first organization to use our facilities, we opened the door for every organization to do so provided they satisfy the conditions and application requirements as set forth in policy.”

“We cannot and do not arbitrarily pick and choose which organization may or may not use our facilities,” the statement continued. “If we allow one organization, we must allow all organizations, provided they satisfy the conditions and application requirements as set forth in Policy 707.”

The Satanic Temple is recognized as a “church” with tax-exempt status by the IRS, Breitbart News reported in 2019.