Pentagon Again Rejects DC Mayor’s Plea For Assistance With Migrants

The Defense Department said “no thanks” yet again to a second request from Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser for help with migrants being bused from Texas and Arizona.

Municipal leaders who declare themselves above the law and their cities to be “sanctuaries” should not go scrambling to the federal government when their foolishness backfires on them.

The training and mission of the D.C. National Guard, Defense Department executive secretary Kelly Bulliner Holly said in a letter to Mayor Bowser, is not in “facility management, feeding, sanitation, or ground support.”

Further, coming to the aid of the supposedly “beleaguered” city in its “humanitarian crisis” would interfere with the training and preparation of the Guard.

The Pentagon just denied Bowser’s request for the second time as migrants arrive in the capital from the southern border. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pledged earlier this year to bus the illegals to D.C. and New York City to ease the burden on his state.

The number of migrant encounters in the current fiscal year just broke the record by surpassing 2 million — with still five weeks to go in the period.

Bowser said after the denial that the city will “move forward” to ensure that migrants who “are coming through D.C.” will have a “humane” welcome and accomodations.

Last month, the city’s director of Homeland Security asked for the help for the first time, citing what he called “political statements” by the Texas and Arizona governors that were putting undue pressure on Washington D.C,, and the surrounding region.

The Defense Department said no, but the city came back just days later with a second request to prevent the “humanitarian crisis” resulting from the daily arrival of migrants that need assistance.

The migrants are all bussed voluntarily from the border areas, and most are going somewhere other than the nation’s capital for their final destination.

Bowser admitted that the immigration system is broken in a Monday tweet, but went on to say that cities cannot fix it. Neither can states. It’s the job of the federal government to handle migration, and the Biden administration is asleep at the wheel.