Peter Doocey Just Roasted Joe Biden

This past Wednesday, Joe Biden visited Florida in order to survey the serious damages caused by Hurricane Ian towards the end of September. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the visit to go left.

When the president spoke to survivors of the hurricane, he talked about an experience he had back in 2004 when a part of his home caught on fire.

However, Biden greatly embellished the story and neglected to mention that only his kitchen, rather than his entire home, suffered damages. Sadly, many people in Florida actually have lost their homes and everything they own.

Later, the president was overheard on a hot mic boasting that “no one f***s with a Biden.” Hours later, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocey completely dismantled the president’s claim.

A Major Blow to Biden
During a sit-down with Fox News, Doocey drew attention towards OPEC+ gutting the production of oil, despite Biden appealing for the member nations not to do this. The president would rather rely on foreign oil than permit domestic production. Though this is now greatly backfiring on him.

In making this note, Doocey explained that OPEC+ did, in fact, “f— with Biden by deciding to produce two million fewer barrels of oil each day. Member nations with OPEC+ did this in the spirit of lowering international costs of oil, deeming this to be more important than appeasing Biden’s wishes.

Biden’s loss with OPEC+ comes after he’s repeatedly turned to countries like Saudi Arabia to get oil. Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal suggested the president may next try to cut a deal with Venezuela in order to secure more oil.

In the wake of OPEC+’s decision, the Biden administration put out a statement, confirming its “disappointment” with the member nations’ vote.

An Obvious Solution
Since Biden got into office, he’s caused energy, through a series of policies, in the United States to be unnecessarily expensive and harder to access.

Gutting the Keystone XL pipeline and refusing to allow beneficial oil and gas leases continues to cripple America’s energy independence. Biden could change this at any moment.

OPEC+’s vote to reduce its regular supply of oil once again led to calls for the president to remove barriers he set up against domestic energy production.

While this is an obvious solution, there’s no sign the White House has any intention of going down this path.