Philadelphia Mayor ‘Denies’ The Reality Of What To Do About Crime In His City

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, aka “Captain Obvious,” pointed out that crime was rising in the city. Of particular concern was the significant increase in homicides, and carjackings have more than doubled over the last year. The Mayor had some pretty stellar recommendations to combat this problem. First, be aware of your surroundings. Yes, it would make sense to look around your crime-infested surroundings to avoid becoming a statistic. Second, do not arm yourself with a gun because he thinks too many guns are on the street.

Mr. Kenney neglected to mention that most of the guns on the streets belong to criminals. How exactly are unarmed citizens supposed to defend themselves? Most police, if they are honest, will tell you that they usually arrive on the scene after the crime has occurred. It is especially true if the department is underfunded, which Mayor Kenney seemed determined to do when he did not increase funding last year for the police as he played footsie with the defund the police movement. Taking away enforcement tools from police officers did not help the situation either.

It takes years and years to build up a deterrent police presence in a city. It only takes a few months to tear it down with romantic ideas that have no basis in reality. Are police departments perfect? Of course not. The focus should be on improving things that we know work. It is not an accident that cities that have been under democratic control for long periods are wracked by crime.

One of the main reasons for this is that the left focuses on platitudes over reality. Movements from decriminalizing lower-level offenses and not requiring bail for suspected violent crimes sound good in theory but have catastrophic consequences for neighborhoods. The only people who benefit from these policies are the criminals, and you can see it in the statistics. Numbers do not lie, but politicians certainly do.