Police Are Pushing Back On Vaccine Mandates

An Arizona sergeant warned that any plan to fire unvaccinated police officers would weaken the police department. Few personnel would reduce the capacity of jails. He speculated that an attack like the one in Waukesha, WI, could occur if criminals cannot roam free because they cannot be adequately rehabilitated.

Pima County Board of Supervisors voted to approve a coronavirus vaccine mandate. By county employees, including corrections officers, to get repeated jabs of an experimental drug that does not vaccinate anyone, these politicians are endangering the people of Pima County.

The Senate repealed Biden’s vaccine mandate, but certain districts across the country want to ram shots into citizens’ arms regardless.

Arizona sergeant sounds the alarm on a coronavirus vaccine requirement for all county employees working with vulnerable populations, including corrections officers.

Employees who work with vulnerable populations interact with people who have been vaccinated and are therefore immune to the virus. Right? If you want to shoot up, go for it but stop forcing otherwise healthy people to take injections that they do not want or need. These individuals only run the risk of getting a disease with a nearly 99.75 recovery rate.

Pima considers corrections officers part of that group of people who will be forced to get the jab, the boosters, and the subsequent shots following the next variant.

The chief deputy county administrator for Pima County, Jan Lesher, said that many corrections officers are unvaccinated. By January 1, she plans on firing officers who are not fully vaccinated, which is a moving target. Then the jail population may need to be reduced by releasing criminals on the streets.

Mike Dominguez, president of the Sheriff’s Labor Association of Pima County, said that passing the mandate will only make things worse. The current staffing situation is terrible. According to Dominguez, Pima has a lower number of officers than at any point in the last seven years, with only 365 corrections officers on staff.

According to Board of Supervisors member Rex Scott, 187 correctional officers are not vaccinated and do not plan to get the shot. He thinks that vaccine mandates are acceptable, reasonable, and constitutional. Dominguez said that the Pima County Sheriff’s Department has had 20 to 25 officers resign since the board approved the vaccine requirement. If it stays in place and officers are terminated, there will be public safety concerns because of the inmates that could be released.

Some of the people released will be a public safety danger. It is purely political, not public safety. With fewer officers, low-income communities will be targeted by criminals with a high recidivism rate. If only non-violent individuals being held in jail were released, a felon may cause harm to citizens because violence typically escalates from lesser crime.

Only releasing non-violent criminals is a great talking point. But what happened in Waukesha was a result of a similar situation. On November 21, 2021, 39 year-old Darrell E. Brooks killed six people and injured sixty-two others at the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha.

Terminating all unvaccinated corrections officers would probably force the county to allow 500 to 700 inmates of the up to 1,800 convicted criminals to walk free. Because of understaffing, potential inmate violence or assaults on officers may occur within the jails.