Police Officer Has Near Brush With Death At Home

Over the past few years, the social attitudes directed toward police officers have become increasingly hostile. Many folks advocated for defunding law enforcement. Although once crime rates increased, some leaders in power began to reverse course and increase funding for the police.

Conservatives have warned that hostilities towards the profession of law enforcement put targets on the backs of those who protect and serve. These warnings have come to light amid growing reports of officers being attacked while on the job, and sometimes while off-duty as well.

In a new story out of Alabama, one off-duty police officer came very close to losing his life.

A Shocking Story
On Tuesday evening in Decatur, Alabama, off-duty police officer Jack Brown was in his home when he noticed a strange Jeep parked right in front of his residence.

It turned out the Jeep belonged to Gregory Hill. Once Brown came out to ask Hill why his Jeep was parked outside his home, Hill tried to mow the officer down.

In his attempt to murder the police officer, Hill wound up ramming his vehicle into a tree. Thankfully, Brown managed to make it back inside his home to grab a handgun to ward off Hill.

Eventually, Hill tried again to run over Brown, therefore causing the police officer to discharge the gun multiple times.

Brown’s return outside, even after Hill’s attempted murder, happened to protect his wife and children who were also home at the time.

The Aftermath
Following the attempt on his life, Brown went to the hospital, but has since been discharged. His wife and children are also doing well following this ordeal.

Hill, on the other hand, is sitting in jail on an attempted murder charge with a $1,000,000 cash bond. Investigations thus far have determined that Hill didn’t know or encounter Brown before attempting to mow him down.

However, because this attempted murder episode was covered on an outdoor home camera belonging to the police officer, his attacker is very likely to spend substantial time behind bars.

The ordeal that Brown faced comes as many officers are walking away from the job due to low morale and lingering anti-police sentiment.