Police Officers Making A Beeline To Florida

Blue states and blue cities have made a habit of completely mistreating and disrespecting their law enforcement officers. It started in 2020 when Democrat leaders opted to defund police departments at the behest of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. 

Now that defunding the police has backfired and led to rampant crime surges, some Democrats have begun walking back, defunding the police, and trying to reinstate funds for law enforcement. 

This mistreatment and disrespect didn’t just stop there, however. Many blue states and blue cities are now resorting to firing their police officers if they don’t take the COVID vaccine. As Red State reports, this leads to more police officers fleeing blue areas for states like Florida.

Unlike leftist communities, Florida is not saddled with state income tax. Furthermore, while a police officer starting in New York City will earn a little over $42,000 per year, a police officer in Lakeland, Florida, will begin with $53,000. It makes a huge difference. 

Putting the money aside for a moment, Florida also has a welcoming and respectful culture to police officers, unlike blue states. For starters, Governor Ron DeSantis has made it clear he will not stand by and allow workers to be fired over a personal medical decision. 

Furthermore, DeSantis is currently working to have the Florida state legislature pass a law that permits a $5,000 bonus to new police officers who come to work from other states. Right now, Florida is one of the most police-friendly states in the country. It is evidenced by the number of officers relocating to the Sunshine State. 

There is no doubt that Florida will become even safer and more protected than it is now with police officers heading that way. However, blue states that are mistreating and therefore losing police officers will soon face public safety crises. 

Police officers should not be treated as if they are expendable. Sadly, this is what Democrats are doing as they try to strong-arm these first responders into taking a vaccine they do not want. 

Perhaps the only way these blue states will learn is when crime reaches unspeakable levels. If things get that bad, no one will care whether or not an officer is vaccinated. 

In the end, leftist policies (whether it’s defunding the police or passing tyrannical medical mandates) only lead to destruction. As blue cities lose more and more police officers, this destruction in their communities will continue to manifest in real-time.