Poll: Few Americans Trust Biden On Ukraine

A recent poll has revealed that only 21% of Americans have a great deal of confidence in President Biden to handle the war in Ukraine effectively. That means that 79% of Americans have some doubt about the president’s ability to manage our involvement in a conflict with a nuclear peer. This is not surprising given that Biden’s polling continues to fall in all areas, including the overall approval rating.

There is no doubt that his Ukraine numbers are falling from the effect of Americans displeasure over soaring food and gas prices. With essentials becoming an ever-increasing percentage of everyone’s budget, the focus is getting pulled from international issues squarely onto domestic issues. As the conflict drags on and becomes more complicated, support for our involvement will surely wane. The electorate is war weary from 20 years of fighting in the middle east and does not have the stomach for another protracted conflict no matter how just the cause.

Although President Biden is seeing his support erode in the polls, Ukraine is the one issue where he is enjoying strong bipartisan support. An overwhelming number of Republicans in the House and Senate voted to approve the most recent $44 billion aid package. Everyone was in such a hurry to get the bill signed that they flew it to South Korea while the president was on a diplomatic trip overseas, rather than wait for him to get back.

Many Europeans support helping Ukraine against Russia. Finland and Sweden have foregone decades of neutrality to request membership into NATO. The European Union’s (EU) sanctions against Russia have gone forward even though doing so has caused a great disruption in the energy supply.

If Putin expands the war into Europe public support in the United States may very well increase. Absent that expansion, however, you can expect support for Biden’s approach to the conflict to keep deteriorating if Americans suffer at home while their government is focused on Eastern Europe.