Poll Shows Biden’s Approval Slips Lower While Abortion Issue Flounders

A new NBC News poll shows President Joe Biden’s job approval rating sank to a new low and revealed even worse news for Democrats.

The NBC News poll shows Americans rank the top issues facing the country as cost of living, the economy, voting rights, and abortion, in that order. The U.S. is evenly divided on which party it wants to control Congress, with 46% choosing the GOP and 46% wanting Democrats.

Enthusiasm by Democratic voters for this November’s midterms increased to 61%, which is good news for the left. However, NBC reports 70% of Republican voters are enthusiastic for the coming elections.

So, while the White House and its liberal media partners see the Supreme Court leak as a possible spark, the numbers tell another story.

And it’s not a happy story for the left.

Only 39% of Americans approve of the overall job Biden is doing as president, the lowest level of his presidency according to this poll. A staggering 56% disapprove. As for favorability, his rating of 37% viewing him in a positive light is about the same as former President Trump’s, with Trump having a much less friendly media to contend with.

Some results have shown a recent uptick, but the NBC News poll indicates that the small bounce may be short-lived.

On the positive side, 59% of Americans say they approve of his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been a consistent positive for the president as the country appears to be getting over COVID-19. But that’s the high point.

Only 33% approve of his management of the economy and a paltry 23% approve of his course for controlling inflation and the cost of living. After a brief respite, energy prices are again flying high. AAA reports new records set on Sunday for both regular unleaded gasoline and diesel.

The widespread frustration is hardly limited to the energy sector. Grocery shoppers now encounter prices rising by double-digit percentages, and the baby formula shortage is a serious issue for many parents.

Democrats increasingly worry that, without a strong reversal of economic numbers, the midterm elections may result in a Republican-controlled Congress for the remaining two years of Biden’s term. As the NBC News poll clearly shows, this is a justified worry for the party.