Pompeo Strongly Disputes Chinese Spy Balloons During Trump Administration

Even as the Biden administration plays the blame game and tries to deflect attention away from its bumbled handling of the Chinese spy balloon fiasco, former Trump officials are handily refuting their claims.

The president, of course, allowed a craft the size of three city buses to float unimpeded across the country gathering sensitive data.

Now the White House and its mainstream media partners are floating claims that this same scenario played out several times under former President Donald Trump. Only, they offer no details other than the most vague of accusations.

Mike Pompeo, who was CIA Director and Secretary of State under the former president, poured cold water on these claims. He clearly asserted that he “certainly never became aware that there was a three-bus-size floating device coming across our country for five days.”

He related talking to several others in the administration who had no knowledge of such an incident either.

Furthermore, Pompeo maintained that the spy balloon was a “trial” by the Chinese communists to see how the U.S. would respond. He added that now, unfortunately, Beijing knows “the Biden administration won’t do a darn thing about it.”

Pompeo rightly charged that the current White House is merely trying to deflect attention by claiming that the spy balloons are nothing new. They’ve been here all along and it took this administration’s experts to detect them and react properly.

Only, their reaction was hardly proper and, when the correct steps were taken, they were delayed far too long.

Pompeo hardly stopped there. He called it “unimaginable” that news of such a serious situation would not have reached “the White House or State Department or the CIA.”

There are numerous possibilities concerning the claims made by the Biden White House.

Of course, the assertions of fly-overs during the Trump years could be a completely false distraction away from the current administration’s failure to respond.

Then there’s the chance, which Pompeo discredited, that spy balloons previously violated U.S. airspace but Trump and his cabinet were kept in the dark. Thirdly, the balloons were completely undetected until recently, though that raises more questions than answers.

The highest likelihood is that Biden and his staff seek to deflect attention away from last week’s ineptitude. After all, does any serious individual believe that Trump would have simply not responded to such a threat to national security?