Preschool Worker Dangles 4-Year-Old Upside Down

A troubling report from Los Angeles has shown the shocking mistreatment of a 4-year-old boy by a preschool worker at a local Kinder Kids Christian Preschool. Security video taken on March 14 shows the child being violently handled while entrusted to the school’s care. The child’s mother, BrieAnn Battle, is demanding answers.

In the video, the preschool employee is seen grabbing the boy’s arms, pinning him to the ground, and then yanking him upside down by his ankles. Battle indicated the worker involved had attempted to deny the rough treatment despite the video evidence. She said, “The owner-operator showed me the clip from when she took him out into the foyer. She’s denying everything, and it’s sickening.” Reports indicate the worker involved has quit her job at the school.

“She held him upside down, twisting his arms and his legs and putting her body weight on him,” Battle added. She added that her child had bruises and marks for several days after the incident.

Battle has hired an attorney to assist her in protecting her child’s interests and has filed an official police report. Even though the person who was directly involved in harming her child is no longer with the school, she remains determined to move forward to protect other kids from her. “For that matter, she doesn’t need to be taking care of anybody else’s kids, and her license needs to be revoked,” Battle said.

In solidarity with other concerned parents, Battle withdrew her son from the preschool and warned fellow guardians. She asserts, “I am livid. I’m frustrated. She yanked my baby by the shoulders.”

“She needs to go to jail for this,” Battle added.

Child advocacy organizations and government agencies have reported on increased incidents of child mistreatment in preschool settings since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, both in California and nationwide. The California Department of Social Services reported that these types of incidents have seen an increase of 17% reported cases from 2022 through last year.